About Us

We at Stonebriar Dental have been serving the dental needs of Frisco since 1999.

Dr. Jansen Bean and Dr. Brian H. Wong, along with our caring staff will help make your dental visit a pleasant and service-oriented experience. And our conservative approach to dentistry means that you can count on quality dental work without the sales pitch.

At Stonebriar Dental, our commitment to patients is evident in many ways. One way we express our commitment is that we are very punctual with the appointments our patients make. How many times have you spent more time in the waiting room than you have with your doctor? Not at Stonebriar Dental! Here it is extremely rare that a patient has to wait more than just a few minutes once they check in.

Being husbands and fathers themselves, Dr. Wong and Dr. Bean understand the importance of family. And, Stonebriar Dental is a very family-oriented practice where patients of all ages are welcome. Helping maintain the dental health and well-being of your family is one of our highest priorities.

We welcome you to come visit with us and experience the service and attention you deserve.